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“Well, if you’re sure… better be… RAVENCLAW!”

Yes, I am now officially a Ravenclaw – er… Waldhausen.

Sorting Hat Waldhausen Gif

At my medical school, all 150 members of the first-year class are sorted into four Societies: Bond (Gryffindor), Waldhausen (Ravenclaw), Vastyan (Hufflepuff), and Mortel (Slytherin), named in honor of famous  Penn State physicians in lieu of ancient witches and wizards. In my opinion, “Bond” and “Mortel” correspond with their Hogwarts counterparts perfectly. James Bond would have undoubtedly been sorted in accordance with the audacious legacy of Harry Potter’s own House, Gryffindor; and “Mortel” sounds similar to “mortal,” which describes The Dark Lord Voldemort’s ultimate fate pretty succinctly. As for the other two – I suppose Waldhausen fits with the “scholarly” Ravenclaw reputation because of the long German name, and Vastyan takes care of the “vast” leftovers who were sorted into Hufflepuff. (Needless to say, my Vastyan classmates aren’t too happy about the Hufflepuff references.)

The night before my first day of orientation, my sister and I began a solemn discussion about which Hogwarts House I was best suited for.

I said, “I’ll be a Hufflepuff, because I’m a duffer.”

Nashat said, “No, Homaira, you’re bookish. You have to be a Ravenclaw.”

The next day, what do you know…

Hogwarts College of Medicine

Over the lunch hour, Dr. W introduced me to my sorcery advisors. The portraits shown below were shamelessly Accio’ed from Dr. W’s PowerPoint presentation.


Dr. W (Head of Ravenclaw House)


Dr. K (The Dean, aka Headmaster of Hogwarts)


Dr. M (Homaira’s Primary Advisor – Family Medicine, aka Care of Magical Humans)


Dr. K (Homaira’s Secondary Advisor – Infectious Disease, aka Defense Against the Dark Ailments)

Now, actually recognizing my advisors face-to-face proved to be a challenge on par with navigating the Maze in the Triwizard Tournament.

The day ended with an inter-Society tournament of tug-of-war, run-and-don’t-drop-the-egg games, relay races, and popcorn-eating contests. Unfortunately, Ravenclaw won third place, behind Hufflepuff (first) and Slytherin (second), after a crushing tug-of-war defeat by Hufflepuff which left many of our palms raw and blistering. I am certain that the rope was weaved from the ascerbic tentacles of the Venomous Tentacula – there can be no other explanation.

Alas, the Hogwarts College of Medicine campus in Hershey, PA features no Great Hall for majestic dinners under the virtual stars… but we do have a Great White Tent, underneath which we shared tacos with our Societymates. I was fasting that day until 8:30 pm, so I opted for the Invisible variety of taco filling before walking 15 minutes home to my apartment.

That evening, I watched the palette of sunset blend with the weeping willows in the pond across from my apartment. Of all the medical schools I could be attending, I am thrilled to be attending Hogwarts College of Medicine – Hershey Campus.

Homaira’s Note: I hope to deemphasize my Hogwarts references in my future posts. However, seeing as that Dr. W borrows heavily from the Harry Potter universe in his Society communications, that may prove to be a challenge…