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From my bedroom window, I have a picturesque view of the pond and the weeping willows across the street at Hershey Lodge, one of the two premier resorts in the Hershey area. I like watching the occasional Geese Conferences, complete with squawking, waddling, and long swims under the gentle afternoon sun.

2014-07-26 16.35.00 HDR

If there is a more beautiful place to learn medicine… I haven’t seen it. And that’s a bold claim, because I’ve interviewed at sixteen different medical schools across the country over the past two years. For example, examine the following representation of student housing at one medical school I interviewed at last year:

In contrast, observe the breathtaking landscape of the Hershey Botanical Gardens in springtime:

Hershey, PA

Hershey, PA

The fact that I botched so many medical school applications no longer makes me cringe. I thank God every day that I’m in Hershey.