My classmates and I spent the past week working on our student oath for the White Coat Ceremony. I volunteered to be one of the twenty representatives who compiled our class’ ideas into written form for the final oath. As an added perk, I was also allowed to escape the murky depths of the back row (universally reserved for the poor souls with last names beginning with Ws, Ys, and Zs), and lead the oath at the front of the class.

White Coat Ceremony

An Oath for Our Medical Journey

Today, we the Class of 2018, embark upon our medical journey. To our patients, our communities, our colleagues, our profession, and ourselves, we make these promises:

To Our Patients
We promise to listen with open minds and open hearts,
to teach and to learn.
We will advocate for all persons,
by serving the individual and upholding human dignity.
We will practice with compassion and preserve our empathy,
to guide and be guided by you.

To Our Community
We promise to be mindful leaders,
to collaborate and to serve.
We will share our knowledge, enthusiasm, and spirit,
through open channels with those around us.
We will strive for social justice,
to foster a healthy society.

To Our Colleagues and Our Profession
We promise to maintain a lifelong curiosity,
to dedicate ourselves to innovation and discovery.
We will rely on the strengths of our peers,
to transcend the boundaries of our own abilities.
We will build relationships founded upon respect,
to share mutual responsibility in maintaining the ethics of care.

To Ourselves
We promise to hold ourselves to the highest standard,
to always strive for greater proficiency.
We will balance the many facets of our profession,
by caring for our patients, our families, and ourselves.
We will maintain awe for the gravity of our responsibility,
to conduct ourselves with dignity and courage.

We will adhere to these promises with humility, self-governance, and genuine desire. We will be grateful to those we serve and those who have served us. We pledge to ourselves, and all who can hear, that these promises will guide us on our medical journey.


After the ceremony, we treated ourselves to Hershey’s Kisses. My dad and I spoke to the senior Dean of the medical school, the Head of Ravenclaw Waldenhausen Society, Professor Quirrell, and Professor Dumbledore. (With the exception of our senior Dean, whom you can see here, you may check out the portraits of all of the professors at The Sorting Ceremony.)

The Caramel and Special Dark varieties are my favorites!


And thus our medical school journey began – with a bit of chocolate in our pockets and a gold Humanities in Medicine pin on our collars, we headed home to enjoy our last weekend before the start of the semester.



White Coat without stetho 2

During the keynote speech, we were advised to wash our white coats a couple of times over the next four years.