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NOTE: This page was created during my first year of medical school (early 2015) and has not been updated since my second year of medical school. I’m keeping it up for nostalgic purposes. For a much more concise list of recommendations, direct yourself to the sidebar widget on the far left-hand side of this webpage (“Highlights from Hogwarts”). On an iPhone, the links may be found at the bottom of the page.


Scenes from Harry Potter, transplanted into a medical school setting:

Gastrointestinal Adventures, Part 2: Flight of the Food Fairy

Gastrointestinal Adventures and First-World Problems

The Hogwarts Trio’s Tips for New Medical Students

The Medical Student Commiseration Conference

The Voldemort Lab (companion to Dear Cadaver – published on Wild Onions 2015)

Divinating Histology: Another Harry Potter Parallel

A Summary of Our First Week with White Coats

Legilimency in Medicine: A Series Dedicated to Doctor-Patient Interactions

Legilimency in Medicine, Part 1

Legilimency in Medicine, Part 2: Summoning Memories

Legilimency in Medicine, Part 3: When the Spell Rebounds

The Crockpot: Miscellaneous Moments of Medical School

The Operating Room

The Caseating CheeseCake: my debut as a performing poet

Teamwork Part 4: The importance of breaking the rules

Professionalism: a demonstration of what not to do in your first week of medical school

Growing Up

Aftermath of My First Science Exam in Medical School

The Sorting Ceremony

A List of All Public Posts in Reverse Chronological Order


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